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Director of documentaries, short fiction films and branded content.

Experience leading thorough (digital) investigations and doing extensive research. Using digital forensics and OSINT.

Gives lectures and workshops on various topics such as the dark web, cybercrime and film making.

Freelance concept developer and designer for video's, films en commercials.

Several years working experience as a freelance TV- and internet-format developer.

Gives guest lecturer on subjects such as film making, storytelling in film, journalism, ethics and privacy.

Who is Anthony and
what does he do?

A freelance film director, format designer, investigative journalist and concept developer.

Directing films and video's.

Designing and developing concepts for video's, films and commericals.

Designing and creating TV and internetformats.

Lectures and Workshops.

Thorough (digital) investigations.


Anthony is very fervent about doing thorough research and investigations. This allows him to come up with timely and innovative ideas.

Whether it be lectures and workshops, designing commercials or TV shows or creating documentaries. Not surprisingly his documentaries have an investigative character in which the viewer is taken along in the research process.
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