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Rats & Slaves

While you’re reading this, a worldwide and active market is working on remotely gaining access to computers. Most people consider themselves safe from hackers by using antivirus software. However, it turns out to be child’s play to hack into your computer. Someone might be watching you through your webcam in your living room at this very moment.

Anthony discovered a hacker’s forum for RATters by accident. Ratters are hackers that use a simple tool to spy on, steel from or extort people. These forums don’t just offer tools and guides to hack people, they are also used to share ideas on how to avoid antivirus software and even on how to sell photos taken of victims with their webcams.
When Anthony noticed that Slaves were being sold for just a few cents each, he can’t comprehend that this a reality. After testing a Rat tool on his unsuspecting girlfriend and having spoken to a victim who was extorted by a Rat with webcam images, Anthony decides to take it to the next level. He put it to the test and buys Slaves himself. Ethical boundaries and privacy regulations were stretched and violated. How far can he go to shed light on a problem?

Rats and Slaves is the result of an investigation that lasted over three years. The documentary is produced by SeriousFilm in in collaboration with VPRO. It explores the ethical and journalistic boundaries of the maker and gives an insight in a world that is hidden for most of us. The world of RATters and thier slaves.

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